"Cresta" is the Spanish word for the crest of a wave. As surfers searching for the perfect wave, we believe in the importance of being patient and not carried away by first pulses. To find the perfect moment to hop on, reach the top of the wave, enjoying the challenge of standing on full speed.


We are the perfect match between Design, Branding and Digital, that can work remotely with clients in any corner of the world!

We aim to understand the context and needs of each client and offer solutions 100% custom. We love diversity and giving meaning and integrity to every project, working from it's strategy up to the final design.



  • Logo design
  • Brand Manual & Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Naming


  • Social Media
  • Photo & Video Content
  • FB, IG & Google Ads
  • Website & e-commerce


  • Merchandising & POP material
  • Editorial
  • Stationary & brochures
  • Packaging